Freedom From FaceBook

This month I made the conscious decision to take a break from Facebook.  This goes against most of what I know, with a degree in Public Relations,  and a background in promotions, photography, and writing, Facebook is known as the oracle of information connecting everyone to the world, or at least that is what we have been brainwashed to believe.

When I first joined, when Facebook was still in its infancy, I knew hardly anyone there. I then started inviting everyone I knew.  I had the world at my fingertips. I could see all my friend’s feeds and enjoy their daily lives.  There were no ads, no data mining, and very little privacy concerns. As time marched on, Facebook began spreading like wildfire all over the world.  People were interacting with people that they probably would have never interacted or known about before. It became a platform for news, political deliberations, religious discussions, skull sessions for sports, and a place to get caught up with friends and family. You could play games, take  quizzes, post photos, create events, and talk about most anything on your mind. You could share music, movies, books, reviews, links, and anything your heart desired.  It became a virtual playground.

All this information became very addicting, everyday wanting more, always afraid that you were going to miss out on something.  Time out of our lives was just being wasted away looking into the precious oracle. The oracle would stroke your ego with “likes” on the information you posted.  The oracle would bring the angels, goddesses, devils, and snakes into your life. The problem with the oracle was that there was no way of being able to verify the information being received, or the people that were being introduced into your life.  It was a landmine of both good and bad information, never knowing where the next minute was going to take you. When out in public,  I would overhear people talking about the latest information that they had just read on Facebook. Just recently, when Prince died, the news spread like wildfire on the oracle.  I was stunned by how quickly the news made it around the world. The platform can be both a blessing and a detriment.  It is a great place to get information out there quickly, but it can also be a place to be harmed.  I have seen all sides of it.

Most everyone I knew has wasted precious time looking at the oracle, including myself. We are all given a destined amount of time on this beautiful earth. So much of it now is spent on electronic devices looking at social media, a definite time waster.  Our world has so much beauty to offer whether it be with nature, human interaction, listening to a live concert, reading a book, painting, taking photographs, exercising, meditation, or just enriching oneself through personal growth. Limiting my time from Facebook has been a challenge.  I would sign back on to see if I was missing anything, and found out that I hadn’t.  I now feel calmer and less anxious.  I realized that I don’t need a “like” to feel validated.  Part of my reasons for disconnecting were the privacy issues and data mining, along with some other personal reasons.  Please take the time to read up on the privacy and data mining issues with Facebook as there is much information out there on this topic.  I also have also noticed that there are some anti Facebook movements being started. The masses are starting to feel the impact of this time waster.  I probably will be back on Facebook in a limited form, in the future, but haven’t decided to how I want to handle that.

The photo I used at the top I have affectionately named as “Fire in the sky”.  I woke up one morning, towards the end of last year, and caught this amazing sunrise that was so fluid, like the sky was on fire.  It actually took my breath away. I spent that morning sitting outside enjoying it instead of being plugged into Facebook.  What a beautiful moment I would have missed if I had been looking into the oracle known as Facebook.








This past year has been a powerful time for rebirth within my soul.  I turned 50 last year, and with that, came a period of reflection.  My life has been a fulfilling  one, with times of both joy and sorrow.  I have been blessed with many joys in my life with the birth of my two beautiful children, a free education, a published book, a role as a producer, some modeling work, and many published photos in various forms of media.Magnolia BlossomsMy sorrows have fallen with the loss of people in my life, some through death, and some through issues of the heart.  Any disappointments that I have endured, have been taken in stride, always as learning lessons. What has remained consistent though, was the need for the nurturing of my soul, and heart fulfillment.  Throughout my life, I searched endlessly for that soulmate, whom I felt was out there, who could make my soul dance and my heart happy.  After much prayer, last fall, a familiar soul was brought to me. That soul has been the most beautiful joy in my life, for which I am eternally grateful for. With this soul, I have experienced rebirth.  It has been the greatest, most heartfelt gift, that I have ever been given. This soul dances with me as a twin, in the flame that we call life.

My photo of the magnolia blossoms, which I took at Otterbein University, also represents  rebirth in life. Annually, the magnolia blossoms make their reappearance, after a long season of harsh elements, all fresh in perfect form once again. Rebirth is cleansing, self reflecting, and can take many forms, in many strengths, throughout one’s journey through life.  I am happy and blessed to have been able to have received this gift, through the grace of my twin spirit, so that we both can be whole.  The beauty of the  magnolia blossom is love.  Love is the rebirth of the soul.


I love photographing reflections in water.  The images mirror the nature around and can create a dreamy interpretation.  My photos have been captured in creeks, ponds, and wetlands around central Ohio.  Here are some of my favorites: water reflection eclipse fall blendon 777 sunset duck pink                                           mud hen marsh        picture                    wetland sunset fall

The Magic of Inniswood Metro Gardens

I find my inner peace to happiness whenever I visit Inniswood Metro Gardens.  No matter the time of year, I find beauty that connects with my soul.  Yesterday was no exception.  While clicking away with my camera, I ran into the most interesting squirrel.  The squirrel had white tufts on the back of his ears and looked to be a combination of a couple different varieties.  He posed for a long time and seemed to be smiling.

sq inniswood

The beauty that I encounter in this park nurtures my soul with each and every visit.

hummer moth (1)

Painted Lady Butterfly on flower